FAQs & Disclaimer


Q: What time are you open?

A: 6-10PM, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Halloween night (Halloween Night-“Family Fright Night” Kid Friendly see ticket page)

Q: How much does it cost?  Can we buy tickets online?

A:  $16 per ticket. Yes, tickets may be purchased online closer to opening.

Q: Is it really scary?

A: Yes. It is really scary!


Q: How do I print off my tickets? Do I need to print off my tickets?

A: Yes, you must print off your tickets and bring to the event for admission.

Q: Are there discounts for children?

A: No. All tickets are the same price.

Q: Once we've paid for admission are we able to go through again?

A: yes, see upgraded ticket packages.

Q: Are group discounts available?

A: Yes. For 15 or more. If you want to purchase group tickets or have any questions, please email hutch@globehauntedjail.com

Q: Is a refund possible?

A: Like sporting events and large attractions, we do not give refunds under any circumstances.


Q: How long is the wait in line?

A: It depends on the crowd each night. It is difficult for us to predict.

Q: Do you charge for parking?

A: We do not charge parking and there is parking available around the event. Please be respectful of our neighbors.

Q: Is the waiting area inside?

A: No, the line before entering is outside.

Q: How long does it take to go through?

A: It's really difficult to give an answer to this question- some groups run right through, while others take their time. It really depends on how well you can handle the fear!

Q: Is Globe Haunted Jail handicap accessible?

A: We do our best to be handicap accessible. There are a couple areas that may have to be by-passed; which our staff can assist with. Please make sure that you check in with an Event Staff employee and they will help you through.

Q: Do you have a lot of strobe lights, smoke machines and the like in the haunted house?

A: Yes. It is not recommended for people that have Epilepsy to attend this event. We utilize strobe lights, fog machines and other special effects.  We also don't recommend people with asthma, heart issues and pregnant women go through the haunted house as well. We just want everyone to have a safe time. You can always ask your physician to see if you can go through, but our priority is a safe experience for all.

Q: Can we take photos and/or videos inside the haunted house?

A: NO. Photography and video recording (including Go Pros) are not permitted.

Q: Will the actors touch us, or can we touch the actors?

A: No. Actors will not touch you. Please be respectful and do not touch them. Incidental and unintentional contact may occur.

Q: If I enter the haunted house and get too scared, what do I do?

A: If you get too scared, stay calm and find tell the actor in the room and they will escort you outside. Please note, like sporting events and large attractions, we do not give refunds under any circumstances.

Q: Can I bring my purse and/or bag into the haunted house?

A: We do not have lockers or a coat check at the haunted house. Very small purses and/or bags are allowed in, other bags should be left at home.


Q: Is there an age limit?

A: No. However, due to the graphic nature, it is not recommended for small children, toddlers or babies. A good rule of thumb is: if you wouldn't bring your child to a PG-13 rated movie, it's probably not a good idea to bring them to a haunted house.

Q: Can pregnant women go through the haunted house?

A: We do not recommend pregnant women to go through the haunted house. We suggest calling your OBGYN and/or Physician to discuss the situation with them.

Q: If I have asthma, can I go inside of the haunted house?

A: We do not recommend people with asthma go through the haunted house. We suggest contacting your Physician to discuss the situation with them since we have numerous fog machines and special effects throughout the haunted house. If you decide to attend, we definitely recommend bringing your inhaler or another device that may help you breathe better. We also don't recommend people with epilepsy, heart issues and pregnant women go through the haunted house as well.

Q: Can I bring my dog?

A: No. For many reasons we do not permit pets inside the event.


Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: Yes. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express at our on-site Box Office and our ticketing page.

Q: Can I wear a costume?

A: Yes, you can wear costumes to the haunted house! We kindly ask that you not wear a mask or carry a prop!

Q: Can I be denied entry?

A: Yes. We will not allow foul language, obscene behavior, weapons, alcohol, drugs, etc.  We reserve the right to refuse admittance to anyone we deem not appropriate for entry.

Q: I want to do a story on your haunted house, who should I contact?

A: For media requests- please email hutch@globehauntedjail.com or franbooth@me.com

Q: I want to work at your haunted house. How do I apply?

A: Please email hutch@globehauntedjail.com

Q: Are you open if it’s raining?

A: Yes. We will be open rain or shine. Please make sure you dress appropriately as the wait is outside.

Q: I have a question that wasn’t answered here, what do I do?

A: For further questions please email hutch@globehauntedjail.com


Important Notice-Release of Liability

By entering this facility (Haunted Attraction) you and any person younger than eighteen (18) years of age in your control releases and hold harmless this facility, owner, operator, their employees and agents from any liability, damages or injuries occurring in or around this facility. Conditions in this facility include darkness, ramps, smoke, strobe lights, falling objects, electrical cords and devices. This facility may not be appropriate for young, elderly or infirm persons or persons with disabilities such as weak heart, asthma or lung disease. By entering this facility, you agree to follow all posted rules. Haunted Jail at Globe AZ.