Paranormal & Ghost Activity

By ways of ghosts, there are none that the Gila County Courthouse and Jail do not have. There are male and female spirits, adult and child spirits, sounds, voices, cold spots, footsteps, orbs, moving objects, full bodied apparitions, and physical touching of living persons. The theater is said to be one of the most active places in the courthouse. In the jail there are a number of haunts within the cells. One of these haunts is a former prisoner named Kingsley Olds. He was accused of drowning his employer's two daughters in 1911. He said that they were all attacked by a mysterious man while swimming in the Salt River. As Olds awaited trial in isolation, he was mysteriously shot and killed- a mysterious person snuck into the courthouse and fired a bullet from the third floor courthouse window into his cell of Kingsley Olds.  Shortly before his death, Kingsley Olds claimed he had a visit from ghosts. He told nurses he saw visions of the girls motioning him to follow them into death.  The ghosts of the two girls are reported to be wandering throughout the jail. Full bodied apparitions have been seen on the catwalk joining the courthouse and jail. Two men are said to have ended their lives by jumping to their deaths from the catwalk. There are reports of a woman singing in the jail, and a menacing entity lingers the attic.

Article on Jail: http://www.globemiamitimes.com/prison-life-view-old-jail/


On 10/25/08, T.AZ.P.R.S., The Arizona Paranormal Research Society thoroughly investigated both the Gila County Courthouse and Jail. Afterward they concluded that "From all of the evidence we obtained from this investigation, we believe that The Old Gila County Jail as well as The Old Gila Courthouse indeed has paranormal activity. They both are a wonder to visit and it is recommended that the public should make their way to Globe Arizona to see and experience these historical sites for themselves."

An excerpt from the report includes the following "What was experienced here was incredible. There were unexplained sounds of voices male and female, noises in the jail cells when we were outside on break, interactions with spirits via our equipment, Physical touching, audible disembodied voices, responses to questions asked, temperature dropping when asked to do so (we witnessed a 20+ degree drop in temperature in one of the cell blocks),unexplained footsteps, cold spots, hot spots and extremely wild EMF occurrences which is strange considering that the some of the areas did not have electricity. We did have some areas that pegged our EMF meters without any
reason only to watch the readings dissipate."

The T.AZ.P.R.S. report is here

There is no doubt that the old Gila County Jail is the scene of paranormal activity, and whether you tour the jail or merely stand in front of it, there are ghost all around.